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Welcome to the World of Timeless Tailoring!

Posted by Corey Miller on

In the rapidly changing world of men's fashion, there is a steady supply of poorly-made, throwaway clothing.  With so much conflicting advice regarding how a man should look, it's no wonder men are confused and often make questionable choices. 

We are not herd animals. As a designer, I don't know where you hang out, who you want to date, or what your life aspirations may be.  What I do know is somewhere between the rugged, handsome kind of clothes your grandfather wore and the relaxed elegance of a man who knows his purpose is a look that is fresh and also enduring. Clothes built to last and made to fit our imperfect bodies perfectly. Well-crafted pieces that allow you to show up as your best self, confident and unique.  

We believe the packaging of a man should allude to the contents. Whether your style is classic, dandy, vintage or rebel, there are pieces here that will advance your look.


Creative Director, Repeal Club