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About Us

In 2011, I started The Original Prohibition Clothing Company, a boutique made-to-measure tailoring business focused on bringing back the classic and elegant style of the 1920's to 1940's. As an F.I.T. graduate of Menswear Design and apparel production management, I had worked for luxury brands in product development for a number of years and honed my skills in tailoring, design and fitting.  I had also noted that there were several issues in the way clothing and accessories were being manufactured and marketed. Most companies guessed at what consumers wanted and produced a surplus of goods that were either discounted later or even destroyed. Similarities in the market also meant consumers often spent money to look average or followed trends that rapidly changed making the garments prematurely obsolete. 

Although Prohibition Clothing did address some of these issues, the fastidious nature of personal fittings and the time required ultimately meant that business was not scalable. Additionally, the linear connection to the past kept me from creating new classics and a softer, more modern approach to tailoring that was unusually sporty and fresh. Introducing micro-sizing and made-to-order elements insured I could maintain the precise fit and only produce the garments clients wanted. Finally, the "Talk with a Tailor" concept and video fit review meant I could maintain that personal touch and assist customers in developing a wardrobe that fit their lives. 

Imagine a store full of beautiful clothing, where you could always get your size and the staff was interested in helping you be your best self. This is the mission of Repeal Club, elevated living and self-expression through tailoring. We're ecstatic to be a fellow traveler with you on that journey.

Corey Miller

Creative Director